Risk Management and Emergency Protocols

Please review our protocols for medical claims for SVYSA-related accidents.

1.  An authorized SVYSA individual must complete an online claim form located at:

2.  After submittal, the claim will be reviewed by the state soccer association for approval.

3.  Once approved, the parent will receive an email with the claim form as a PDF attachment.  The parent will need to send the claim form along with an itemized medical bills and explanation of benefits from his or her insurance carrier to the Mutual of Omaha insurer for reimbursement.

All details may be found at the above link, or please email the SVYSA for more information. 

Risk Management
All coaches - and anyone who serves California Youth Soccer - must fulfill risk management requirements before coaching or volunteering on any SVYSA team or for the organization. Requirements include finger printing and Verity Abuse Awareness training, an opportunity to learn how to protect Sonoma Youth.  All finger prints must be current, i.e. no lapse in activity.  If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please email.

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