Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SVYSA Protests, Appeals & Discipline (PAD)


SVYSA PAD Committee Chair and Members
Chair: Douglas Thompson
Voting Committee Members: The PAD committee is currently being reformed.  Please contact Doug Thompson with questions, or if interested in serving.

Authority and Structure of SVYSA PAD Committee

Except as otherwise provided below, the SVYSA PAD Committee has the same authority and is governed by the same rules and regulations as adopted by CYSA, with 3 active members and 2 alternates.

Click here for the CYSA PAD Rules & Regulations.

The SVYSA PAD Committee principally considers matters involving SVYSA internal league games or other internal league matters. Matters involving interleague games or other interleague matters fall mainly within the jurisdiction of the sponsor of the league in question, e.g., CYSA. Notwithstanding this, the SVYSA PAD Committee has the authority and jurisdiction to impose discipline against any player, coach, team assistant, league officer, or referee registered or affiliated with SVYSA, or any spectator associated with such a person, regardless of whether or not the incident arises out of or involves an internal or interleague game or matter. For example, the SVYSA PAD Committee may, in its sole discretion, impose discipline against such a person that is in addition to, or independent of, the discipline imposed or withheld by the governing PAD authority of any other league or organization such as CYSA or US Club.

Definitions and Brief Summary of Initiation of a SVYSA PAD Proceeding

“Protests” are complaints arising out of the misapplication of the Laws of the Game or misapplication of a league/district/state administrative rule.

“Discipline” may be imposed against any player, coach, team assistant, league officer, referee or spectator. Persons may be suspended, barred completely or otherwise disciplined. Discipline may also be applied in referee assault and abuse cases.

An “Appeal” under CYSA Rules is a request for review of a decision rendered by another body that has held a hearing. Because SVYSA’s PAD Committee is the lowest-tier at which hearings are held, SVYSA’s PAD Committee technically does not hear “Appeals.”
A “Grievance” is a complaint that is not specific to the Laws of the Game or that does not otherwise fall under the Protests, Appeals and Disciplinary Rules and Procedures. It may be heard informally by the SVYSA PAD Committee upon referral by the SVYSA’s Board President.

For SVYSA internal games, determinations of punishment for the issuance of a red card by a referee, or other matters questioning the judgment of a referee, initially shall be determined by the SVYSA Referee Coordinator, without a hearing. Other SVYSA matters may, in his or her discretion, be initially determined without a hearing by the SVYSA Board President. Either the SVYSA Board President or the Referee Coordinator may decline to determine a matter and instead refer it directly to the SVYSA PAD Committee for a determination following a hearing conducted in accordance with CYSA’s Rules & Regulations. No filing fee shall be required for any matter referred to the Committee by the Board President or the Referee Coordinator.

Any aggrieved person shall have the right to file with the SVYSA PAD Committee a protest, a request for discipline, or a request to reverse or modify a determination made by the SVYSA Board President or the SVYSA Referee Coordinator as to a matter falling within the Committee’s jurisdiction or authority. No protest or request shall be granted or considered in whole or in part unless it is properly filed within 15 days of the incident or determination upon which it is based, unless the Committee, for good cause, decides in its sole discretion to consider a matter filed after the 15 day time limit. All filings must be in writing, signed, attach any supporting documentation, and be accompanied with a $100 filing fee payable to SVYSA which shall be returned if the protest or request is upheld. Oral or e-mail filings will not be accepted. Filings must be submitted to Douglas Thompson, SVYSA PAD Committee Chair, with a copy to Tom Young, President of the Board of Directors of SYSA, at the following addresses:

Douglas Thompson
SVYSA PAD Committee Chair
186 Padre Drive
Sonoma, CA 95476

Tom Young
SVYSA Board President
Napa Street East
Sonoma, CA 95476

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