Sunday, May 20, 2012

Recreation or Select (Traveling) Teams...How does this work?

All players who register to play soccer with SVYSA will be assigned to a Division 4 ("Recreational") team, unless they purposely attend a try-out session, and qualify for one of the Division 1 or Division 3  ("Competitive," also known as "Traveling" or "Select") teams. Typically 15-18 players are selected for a team (fewer with the younger teams), and these teams will represent Sonoma Valley, traveling to tournaments and "away" games during the course of their 9-month season.

For recreational soccer, Opening Day is Saturday, August 18th, 2012.  Because the older players compete against teams outside of Sonoma, their games will begin a week or two later to allow time to coordinate the schedule with the other leagues.

Picture Day will be August 25th and your team's photo session will be scheduled around your game time.

Schedules will be sent out mid-August to the coaches and they will inform their players of their schedule.  It will also be posted on this website with a link on the home page.  The season will run until the end of October for the younger ages, and will go into the first week of November for the older age groups.

Uniform colors vary by age group.
U6-U8: Burgundy and White
U10: dark blue and light blue
U12 and up: team chooses color

Coaches are given rosters by mid July and players should receive a postcard with their coach contact information by July 31st.  Practices start after August 1st.  For other questions about registration issues please see the Registration page, or call the league at (707) 939-5001.

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