Friday, October 24, 2014

Weather Alert

NOTICE: The forecast calls for rain on Saturday, October 25th.  Please check this bulletin tomorrow morning to see if games will be played.  Unless we post otherwise, all games will proceed as scheduled.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Soccer Season is Here!

Nights Under the Lights!
We are excited to let you know that our “Nights Under the Lights” program has been made a reality this year! The goal of “Nights Under the Lights” is to provide the older age groups in our league an opportunity to play at least one night game per season under the lights at Arnold Field. This includes U12-U16 Boys and Girls teams. See the Nights Under the Lights Announcement, and the Schedule for more information.

Futsal Registration is Here for U-12 and U-14 Girls and Boys.  Fustal Enhances Soccer Skills:  with less space & time, players learn to play and think faster, players touch the ball twice as often and improve ball control, and without a wall, players learn to make supporting runs to their teammates. For information on how to register, see the Registration Flyer.

District 5 Playing League Schedules are Available
U16 boys and girls, and U12 girls: D5 Schedule Page

All Other Game Schedules are Available for U6’s, U8’s, U10’s, U12 boys and U14’s. Please note that game schedules may change without notice - please check game times 24 hours before game day. Access game schedules using the SVYSA Game Schedule link on the left side of the website home p.age

Movie Night was September 20th! 
Our soccer community enjoyed an evening with the family under the stars with GIANT movie screen, tons of great prizes, a fantastic raffle, jumpies, treats, and the Walt Disney movie The Big Green. Thanks to our wonderful community for your support, which is so essential to our organization.  Please contact if you are interested in contributing, or helping with future fundraising events. 

Positive Coaching Alliance Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers attended a successful Positive Coaching Alliance workshop on, September 4, from 7-9:15 p.m. SVYSA's goal is to provide youth with a positive, character building youth sports experience. Click here for more info. Coaches Coach. Parents Cheer. Kids Play! Note for coaches who missed this opportunity, contact us at, we currently have limited number of web based training opportunities available.

Reminders for Coaches 
Any parent or adult that helps at practice MUST BE SCREENED. Please put them in touch with your AGC right away to start the process. Let’s keep the kids safe by following risk management procedures. Remember to always respect the referees and ask parents to be positive and to respect the coaches and each other. Ask the coaches and parents to please check the SVYSA web site often for other important updates throughout the season. Field closures and game cancellations due to rain will be posted to the web site.

Volunteers!  Did you know that over 700 children will be playing recreational soccer in Sonoma Valley this year?  The league is run by a dedicated group of volunteers.  We have room for more to join us in the fun of providing a great athletic experience for the children of Sonoma Valley.  Please contact any board member if you would like to help with the organization of our league.  

Coaching Classes  Coaches, please let Greg Volker know if you are able to attend the F License Course this Saturday, August 16 at Prestwood Elementary at 9 am.  Come learn the secrets to having a great season!  Contact Greg.

Nights Under the Lights Schedule

6pm Kickoff
Age Group
Add'l or Replace
7:30 Kickoff
Age Group
Add'l or Replace
Young v. Miller
replacement for 10/25 game
Volker v. Chandler
Edwards v. Guerrero
replacement for 10/25 game
Weber v. Blanusa
valley cup
Gonzales v. Weber
valley cup
Gonzales v. Kovacs

Gonzales v. Blanusa
valley cup
U16 Girls v. TBD
barry working on opponent
Demeter v. Kiser